Hip Hop Software – Top 3 Secrets Major Producers Don’t Want You to Know

Well, it’s no secret the music industry is struggling and producers have been experiencing the recession as well. That’s why it’s a great thing that hip hop software was created so for those who may not have hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy high tech studio equipment can still create hot, quality beats using this type of software.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not a techie type of person. I don’t have any background engineering degree and can barely set up a simple piece of equipment. However, using a beat maker software was the best $30 investment I have ever used. Not only am I able to make quality beats, but I am making money off of them from other people buying the tracks from me.

Major Producers don’t want newcomers coming in the game making great beats using simple software. I don’t blame them either. I mean how would you feel if you spent over $10,000 for MPCs, keyboards, and etc just so a few years later, technology can advance and make a simple system that can create just as hot beats as a major producer with $30 software and save you thousands of dollars.

Here are 3 tips that you should know:

1. Don’t be fooled by inexpensive hip hop software. Just because something is high in price does not mean it is high in standards. If you’re new to making beats, find software that can fit your budget. As I mentioned, I paid $30 bucks for my software and judging from the beats I’ve made from this simple software, folks think I have some high quality tech stuff! If only they knew.

2. Make sure the software you use comes equipped and preloaded with everything you need to make beats. There is no reason to buy drum machines, keyboards, etc. Some software programs already has sounds already built in. Some programs do not come with everything so you cannot do certain things. Now you can buy equipment if you choose and hook it up to your computer. That way if you already have sounds in another piece of equipment, you can transfer it onto your software.

3. Make sure the software will work if you’re online or offline. Some hip hop software only works via an internet browser. So you must be online to create music. There is easy software that you can just download onto your desktop and make tracks wherever you go.

So with these 3 tips, you should be on your way to making your own beats. Another tip is to make sure whichever software you choose, comes with a warranty. You don’t want to be stuck with some complex software you do not know how to use only to not receive your money back. Also, don’t be fooled by the popular software you may have heard mentioned. For many software programs, there is a learning curve. So start with a simple to use beat maker first and then if you’re not satisfied, you can climb to other plateaus. But to be honest, I can do everything with my simple software. I have never been happier.

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